Radio Silence

Sometimes, if I’m not enamored with the songs on any of my usual radio stations, I like to hit scan and keep track of how many female vs. male voices I hear as the frequencies cycle through. Any voice gets counted, so long as I can distinguish with relative confidence whether is is male or […]

Geodesy – What’s in a Word?

Okay, blog world, I decided to try drafting some book or pre-book material here since blogging makes me at least write for other people and get some thoughts out. Today’s topic: (pauses, thinks, bites inner lip, which to choose) (Annnnnd… writes a few sentences, changes mind…) Let’s get geeky on a weird word. Geodesy What […]

Fear of Writing

I’m writing a book and it terrifies me. I don’t even know if the first part of that statement is true, which is what mainly terrifies me. I’m so early in the process that everything is scattered and jumbled, simultaneously, one concept on top of another and the scope and tone and even main point […]

Marching for Science

Yesterday was the “coming out” event for the Boulder Pod of 500 Women Scientists, an organization promoting diversity and inclusivity in science, and the application of science to problems within the social sphere. I can confidently say that I am proud to be a part of this group of passionate women scientists who are ready […]

In Transition

I woke this morning to a whisper of, “Bye bye, Bethie,” from just inside the hotel room door. Pause. “Are you leaving?” – me But I was already too late. Click. Door closed. I’d heard my travel companions of the last week moving quietly around the room in low light, getting themselves and their things […]