Day Three: In Which We Sleep in and Go to the Store

No, really. That’s pretty much all we did. Eric knocked on my door at some point after it had been light for quite a while and I had been in and out of sleep. “What time is it?” I called. “2 o’clock!” he answered. “What? 2 o’clock? Really?”

Yes, really. They’d just gotten up, too. I did say we were not to be accused of being early risers, correct? Don’t judge. We’re on vacation. It’s an interesting one, because I’m traveling with at least one night owl and our purpose is to see the northern lights, besides, which, mind you, we can only see after dark.  So. Daytime. Pah! Useless to us.

Still. 2pm.

It *looks* like morning.

Our main task was to go to the store. Since it was Sunday, the store closed at 4pm, and with the pace we move, we had to hustle. Sort of. We made it to the store around 3:30, giving us plenty of time to explore the wonders of a grocery+ store in a foreign land and still push up to the point where the store staff was very clearly annoyed with us and positioned to herd us out.

So, since we are foreigners in a foreign land with foreign, wonderful things in a grocery store in a remote and very cold place, we had to take pictures. This doesn’t quite top the Napa in Barrow, Alaska, which has a very expensive harpoon gun for whaling for sale hanging above the counter (or at least it did when I was there many years ago), but the Nuorgam K-market offered up some gems just the same.

The guy on this yogurt container could be from Boulder.
I really love the label on these shoes. I need this sometimes.
For hot nights in Nuorgam. Well, for cold nights in Nuorgam. But fancy ones.
Yes. An entire section dedicated to sauna supplies.
Also, these.
Did not buy these.

Once we were evil-eyed out of the store, we headed home with our groceries (including cured reindeer, a mystery cut of beef, and some Norwegian cheese), and made breakfast. Again, don’t judge.

Breakfast may be our favorite time of day, besides seeing the aurora. Eric found America bacon and Marijke has mastered the arts of both using a spice packet and saying its name, possibly quite wrong. Both of these things bring us all great joy.

Our second-favorite time is dinner. Eric cooked up that mystery cut of beef, which turned out to be sirloin, and quite delicious. Served with sautéed squash.

Lovely dinner, complements of Eric.
The cheese, unlike the rest, was most decidedly not a hit. At least for me. The stuff on the plate–great! That’s the other cheese off to the side, being shunned. “Looks like caramel,” I said. “Tastes like caramel,” said Eric. No cheese should look nor taste like caramel. Marijke described it as a little like dulce de leche. I like dulce de leche, but I’ll pass on this stuff. Sorry, Norway. Actually, I think you owe us the apology.

No aurora can be seen during cloudy skies, so we had to curl up and read instead, which we’ve gotten quite good at. I guess you could say staying up until 2 or 3am reading and chatting is just practice for staying up for the aurora on those clear nights. Fingers crossed.


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