Day Six: In Which the Car Gets Rescued and We Get a Special Dinner

There were two things on the agenda for Day Six: Get car unstuck, and go to the store. The latter could not happen without the former. After, yes, sleeping in and having breakfast, we tried getting some advice from our hosts again. Marijke had sent a message the night before but we hadn’t heard back, which led us to think that now that we’d become a problem our once-responsive hosts wanted nothing to do with us. But Eeva-liisa came through, and not only offered advice but called someone for us before we had a chance to. She said he didn’t speak a word of English but the price should be reasonable.

And so came our savior, in his shiny red tractor thing, very nice indeed and, as promised, speaking not a word of English. It took a while to figure out how to hook up the shiny red tractor thing to the car. For your future reference: While driving a rental Ford Focus in Finland, look in the trunk near the spare tire for a hook that you screw into the front of the car, behind a panel that you pop off with the knife you have on your belt.

Once hooked up, getting up the hill was easy. I’m not going to claim this video is interesting, but in case you’re curious:



And so we could move on to task number two. Marijke and Eric very graciously offered to go to the store without me, so that I could have the place to myself. I like getting out a bit to see the local scene, but I took them up on it, so I could stay and blog. It was glorious. I wrote! I wrote two whole entries. I listened to music while doing it. I may have danced a little on my forays between the record player and the couch. I stretched my arms up to the sky. I could do all of these things, of course, with others in the room, but there was just something about having that interrupted time and space, however brief. Thanks for doing the shopping, M&E!

I was a little worried they wouldn’t make it back in time for our special dinner. We’d taken our hosts up on the offer of having some friends bring us a traditional meal of reindeer stew, to arrive at 7pm. This was the true excitement of the day. Eric and Marijke arrived just in time. At 7pm, in came Tula and her (presumably) husband, speaking not a word of English, and unloading for us potatoes, reindeer stew, flatbread with butter, lingonberry dressing and pickles, and a dessert of lingonberry porridge with whipped cream. Eric and Marijke had stopped by the Alko to pick up a complementary bottle of wine. We got a picture with Tula before she left (her husband had already stepped out for a smoke) and dug in.

But not too fast. I wanted to savor it a bit. The stew was delicious, better than what Marijke and Eric had had the night before. We determined it was greasier. Mmm. Fat.

Dinner selfie complements of Marijke.

I thought it was funny that the note on the dessert read: “dessert – lingonberry porridge” because I thought probably they meant pudding. But no, it really was strangely more like a porridge. It was like cream of wheat with lingonberries. And, especially with the whipped cream, despite how I’m describing it, was surprisingly good.

Apparently it was date night, because we had dinner and a movie. A couple of my… um… “friends”… suggested we watch “Troll Hunter.” For some reason we took the suggestion. For two hours, we followed a film crew back into Norway for a really amazing documentary about how gravel is made. It was awesome, and has changed the way I look at rocks. Who knew this trip would be so incredibly geologically perspective-changing? From a movie and not from our experience, even. I could have just saved myself some time and money and watched it from home. Boom. Head exploding. Drugs overrated. Philosophy? Forget the texts. This is where it’s at.

Again, no aurora for the clouds, but never thee fear, we stayed up until 2am anyway. Probably we couldn’t sleep from all the troll excitement. Good thing we watched that after we went to Norway. Next up, “What Happens in the Shadows,” before a trip to New Zealand.


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