Welcome to the Eat the Crust! Yes, it’s an Earth science blog! And so much more. Thanks much for stopping by; I’m very glad to have you.

About me: I am a scientist and communicator working at a national organization to support science around the world. My science flavor is geodesy, which is a funny and obscure term, and which I explain here. It’s basically the study of the Earth’s changing shape. Really, the Earth’s shape is changing? Yes, constantly. My special sub-flavor is volcanoes, which inflate and deflate as magma moves and pressurizes beneath them. Crazy planet, this one. In fact, I think it’s so interesting I’m working on a book about it.

For many years, I worked as a field engineer, making high-precision measurements for researchers around the globe. You can check out my wanderings and wonderings on my previous blog, the iceblog, at iceblog.puddingbowl.org. It is called the iceblog because it got its start my first season in Antarctica, which is also the best part of the blog.

Now, I focus on communicating science, and also on strengthening science through diversity. I like to wear multiple hats. Hats are great. I highly recommend keeping many handy, just in case.

About this blog: This is a space where I can write about all the things that interest me about this fascinating world. You’ll see that my interests are diverse. I will not limit myself to Earth science. I can’t. There are just too many things on this planet to be fascinated by, and the solid earth is merely one of them. This is also a space where I can try out bits and blurbs and topics for my book. (By stating publicly that I am writing a book, that means I have to do it, right?)

About the name: Eat the Crust is a homage to my favorite plate boundary, the subduction zone, and is also a commentary on taking in the stuff in life that’s good for us but may not be our favorite part. Although that certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to pies. Especially my mom’s apple pie.

Thank you for joining in on this journey. Please feel free to comment or contact me. Get comfortable, stay a while! We’re all in this thing together.

Also, follow me on Twitter at @EatTheCrust. See you there!